Relay for reddit (Pro) 7.68


Browse with ease and style. Customize app colors to your liking.

A native android client to browse the social news site

- A horizontally scrolling subreddit list combined with a vertically scrolling stories list on the same page.
- Drag and drop sortable Subreddits, move your favorites to the front.
- super SMOOTH scrolling.
- optimized for dual core devices
- Easy access to comments on a story through a sliding drawer on the same page.
- Large, rounded thumbnails.
- Night mode.
- Customization of colors for the Subreddit bar and sort bar.
- Search Reddit for a specific topic.
- Over 2000 in built Subreddits to choose from.
- Manually add extra Subreddits.
- Optimized portrait and landscape layouts.
- Rage faces in comments.
- An alternate image viewer that can help if images are showing up blurry.
- Login functionality

* Tags * Rage Reader * Comics * Photography * Politics * fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu * f7u12 * Meme * Lulz * Science * Technology * Geek *

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